Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Health Challenge - Update

So I've been MIA on here for the last month or two and I miss it and this blog misses me. I posted a lot in June and I was successful in completing a health challenge in both June and July and then August rolled around. I guess I just needed a bit of a break because I haven't really been doing the August health challenge and I haven't been posting either. It's summer and I've been working hard and a lot lately so I guess I just wanted and needed a break.

I'm currently on the train back home after spending an extended weekend with family in my hometown. That was the break I needed and now I'm ready to get back into my life, which includes being responsible about my health and writing on this blog. So I've decided that the August meditation challenge is a write off and something I'll try again a different month and instead now I'm going to get back into the clean eating. Starting today I'm going to get back into eating clean and working out on the regular and I'll soon decide what my September health challenge will be. 

My clean eating plan going forward will include not eating gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar and processed foods with a slight exception. I'm going to give myself cheat days. Yes, you heard that right, in order to still live a happy and healthy life I'm going to allow myself one day a week, at most (less if possible), where I eat anything I'd like. This isn't an excuse to go crazy but it is a way for me to fit a social life into a healthy life. This means that I'll eat healthy and clean for most of the time and then I won't feel guilty having the occasional indulgence at family events, weddings, parties and going out with friends. I think this will also help keep me sane. 

This seems like the most realistic way to live and to lead a healthy life that will actually last a lifetime. I'm also going to try my best not to go too crazy on my cheat days. I'll still stay away from added sugars and various chemical additives but I'll allow myself to indulge in homemade goodies, wine, cheese, chocolate and the like. I'll play it by ear on what I can and cannot stand on these cheat days. For this week I've created a meal plan for eating healthy and clean and I have a party on the weekend so I'll save my non-clean indulgences for that day and then I'll go right back to eating clean the next day. I'll do a checkin next Monday to let you know how it goes. 

Another important part of staying healthy for me and continuing my weight loss journey is meal planning, portion control, food journaling and working out. I think one of these things may be related to my September health challenge, stay tuned for that. So for now I'll continue to plan healthy and clean meals for my week as well as experimenting with clean versions of some of my favourite foods and meals. I'll also continue to pack pre-portioned snacks for work and make healthy meals for my work peeps. I'm going to start getting serious about recording my food and my workouts. And finally I'm going to continue to do 3 days a week of weight lifting workouts and 2-3 days per week of cardio workouts that'll include running, stairmaster and swimming. I'm also going to look into joining a sports group in order to stay active and meet cool new peeps.

These are my health and fitness goals going into the fall and the last part of the year. My writing and blogging goals will include writing and posting on this blog a minimum of once per week. I've also been doing a lot in the planning realm that I've previously mentioned and I want to start creating videos for that side of my life. Another important goal for me moving forward is to start writing on the regular; this may include a daily or weekly writing goal or maybe I'll enter the NaNoWrMo again this year. I was unsuccessful last year but hey maybe 2015 is my year?! 

Keep your eyes on my social media and here on the blog and there will be periodic updates from now until the end of the year. In the meantime, as always here's to your uncommonly wealthy life! :)

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