Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Green Smoothie Challenge - Week 3 Complete

Wow I can't believe I've already made it through 3 full weeks of this health challenge. I'm in the home stretch and things feel like they'll run smoothly from here on out, yippee!

It's that time of week again where it's time to share with you what I've learned so far at this point in the challenge, so here it is.

The third week has been by far the easiest one:

The first week was easy; and of course it was easy, I always find that the beginning of a new habit is the easiest because I have all this excitement and enthusiasm. Then as it gets hard and life and I get in the way, usually around the week 2 point, it then gets hard. I think the true test of whether I can really make the change and stick with it is if I can get through that second week hump. Once I complete that second week and I prove to myself that I am able to overcome any of the issues that came up then the third week feels like such a breeze. And that is exactly what has happened!

I feel like I've finally ironed out all the kinks in this health challenge:

Any issues I've had with planning, shopping and recipes I believe I've finally figured out at this point. I didn't have anymore gross smoothies this week and I think I've cracked the code on the best combinations for delicious green smoothies. When it comes to planning and shopping I've realized that it's easiest to buy frozen fruit and greens in bulk but only what I plan on using for the week. I had enough wasted and spoiled fresh fruit and veg that I didn't want that happened anymore so I decided to buy frozen fruit mixes and freeze bananas once they were ripe.

I realized I don't have to make all my green smoothies myself:

Another realization that was very helpful for me this week was that I don't always have to make the smoothies myself. When times are busy and it's impossible to make myself then there are a lot of great options for delicious and nutritious green smoothies. This is a great way to do it when traveling, for an example. I still haven't haven't figured out how to prepare the smoothies ahead of time without having them separate and get gross. It would be preferable for the early mornings to have them all ready-made; maybe something I'll have to try out during week 4?

I feel so much better each day that I have a green smoothie (or juice):

I know I've talked about this before but it must be reiterated how much better I feel while doing the green smoothie thing vs. not. I can now definitely understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to the green smoothie/juice craze. I'm thinking this may have to become a normal part of my healthy routine even as the 30-day challenge comes to an end. I guess we'll see how I feel at the end of week 4.

For now here is another delicious Green Smoothie recipe that has quickly become my favourite:

1 cup baby spinach or kale
1 tsp each of flaxseeds and ground chia seeds
1 tbsp of veggie-based protein powder (I use a brown rice one)
1/2 cup orange juice (not from concentrate) cut with 1/2 cup water
1/2 banana (frozen or fresh)
1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit mix (I prefer a pineapple, mango, peach & strawberry mix)

Blend the greens with the seeds, powders and liquids until well smooth. Add banana and fruit, blend again until desired consistency is achieved. Now it's time to...you guessed it: drink and be healthy!

Enjoy and here's to your uncommonly wealthy life always! :)

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